Emanuele Braveri |


Emanuele Braveri (also know as EBJ & Emax) was born in September 1978,
in Mestre (Venice-Italy). The passion for the music emerged in the ’90, when he started composing the first simple things. After the first single on 2007,he produced various other singles and project,following trance,dance,handsup,hardstyle,because the love for ALL kind of music.
Many important collaboration,with singer like Tiff Lacey,Marcie,Anthya,and growing support by DJ Dean,Pedro Del Mar,Pulsedriver,ecc.

Parallel to the main Trance world,other different styles projects were made,and will be released under EBJ (for Hardtrance/Handsup) and Emax (for Hardstyle).