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Josh O’Nell

Josh O’Nell (born on 23.04.1985) – Co-founder of Fresh Sounds Studio organization, uniting artists of Opole trance scene. He was interested in club music already in high school, and begun his adventure as a producer in the end of 2003. Working with sound was for him surprisingly positive experience. Such contact with music was something, which he was seeking for a long time and gave him incredible joy. With every next day he was more addicted to it. Two years later he created a track called “Sweet Dreams”, which surprisingly for the author himself, gained fans also behind the eastern border, getting place in the “Trancelacyia” compilation. Next success of young, then 22-year old producer, was “Between” released on the “Electronic Beats Vol2” CD. A little later Josh O’Nell was given the opportunity to run his own program in radio. On every first Saturday of the month it was possible to listen to his one-hour “Lost In Trance” mix. 23th April of 2008, exactly on his birthday, Josh received exceptional gift, which was the 3rd place in the “Zdobywcy Eteru” [Air time Winners] voting, in the category of “Radiowiec w sieci” [Radioman in net] . In the end of 2010, he met two producers, with whom he began cooperation. They were Martin Mekk and Adalbert Stone. This acquaintance brought up few joint projects and an idea to create the Fresh Sound Studio.
While making new tracks, Josh always attached the great importance to melody, because in his opinion, it is precisely the main element of music. It creates atmosphere, reflects the emotions, and also can tell something. Music which he makes, it’s mainly trance and chillout, but he’s not closing only on these genres. Josh likes to experiment, isn’t afraid of mixing “flavours”.
As DJ, he debuted just in July of 2011 on the beach of the Silver Lake in Osowiec. Until now he was getting the greatest pleasure only from the creation process. Now he discovered, that amazing thing could be also the reaction of the audience to what has been created in his studio, that’s why during his sets he’s trying not only to play favourite tracks, but also his studio surprises.