Johnny was born in British Hong Kong and first starting listening Electronic Dance Music and playing turntable at twelve years of age when he lived in London, UK with his parents . In 1988, at age sixteen, he moved Eastern Asia to Taipei City in the Taiwan.

Some of the UK music such like New Wave / Synthpop / Electro that influenced him during the 1980s probably influenced millions of kids around the world at that time through MTV at same time – New Order, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode , Pet Shop Boys , The Human League and many more.He apparently was especially influenced by John Digweed & Paul van Dyk during the late 90s and the early 2000s.

Been living in Taipei City for many years , included traveling around whole Europe with varied and colorful music industry observed and fashion industry relative career experience , particularly in recent years, as computer technology has become more accessible and music software has advanced , he fascinated to get in touch with those music sofwares and synthesizers, many other devices.

Johnny was instantly fascinated with producing and spent many hours in his home studio creating one fresh tune after th next. He neverget caught up in a specific subgenre of house, but wanted to keep productions up to date and innovative. In 2011 , He decided it was time to take his place in the electronica music and began his DJ/Producer career.

Johnny died in April 2016 of cancer. Rest in Peace!