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Stephane Badey

Stephane Badey is a french music producer and DJ. He was born in Le Creusot (France) on 30 December 1982 and grew up in a small town called Montchanin. His attraction to music started pretty early, aged 9 Stephane Badey started taking piano lessons for a couple of years. That’s only when he turned 11 that he could start composing his own Dance music productions, with the help of a synthesizer with internal sequencer.

Later on, in 1998 he discovered the game Music on Playstation I, and in 1999 Music 2000. That’s when he really started to improve his skills at producing and became a Trance music producer, as he was a fan of this musical genre since a couple of years already.

It’s only in 2004 that Stephane Badey really discovered the ultimate tool for producing music, named FL Studio. Since then he never stopped learning, searching, trying, improving and became after some years of hard and restless training, the talented producer we know today.

Following this achievement, Stephane Badey released his firt original track. The  Title of the track was “Soulflyer” and it has reached the charts of every main platform, Beatport, Trackitdown and Junodownload.

The last 6 months of 2013 have been very busy with no less than 30 releases.

In September 2013, Stephane Badey has been offered the opportunity to have his own radio show, named Zero Gravity Trance Sessions. For the first episode, Christopher Lawrence himself has agreed to be Stephane’s guest, which has given a strong visibility to the show from the complete beginning. It is slowly becoming a much appreciated rendez-vous for Stephane’s fans around the world and it’s now broadcasted on several webradios.

2014 is meant to be even a better year than 2013, some releases under some of the main labels in Trance genre are already planned, the radioshow is getting more popular episode after episode, and Stephane has already reached the charts more than couple of time and will surely hit it many more times.