State Control Records is proud to present Chapter 2 of the Nothing More To Say Remixes.

Congrats to Akkiles. His interpretation is one of two winners. The Akkiles Remix contains a wonderful piano breakdown and a killer melody. You can feel the Uplifting vibes. GREAT!

Edmund’s version of Nothing More To Say is a progressive wonder with very unique and ennovating sounds. You will be captivadet by the outstanding breakdown. HUGE!

The Courage remix turns the energy level to the max! A thundering kick, high voltage acids and amazing synths will make you move. The dance floors will explode! WOW!

Danny Zero’s interpretation is bright & pure Uplifting Trance with powerful main leads. After the breakdown you will be carried away by the floating sound. BOOM!

If you like trance music with a ‘wow’ effect you will definitely adore the EClipse Remix. This incredible driving trance production will overwhelm you with melodic chords and it’s energetic climax . YES!

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